A new chapter of my life

I've been unemployed for about two weeks now. For those of you who don't know my backstory, I co-founded a company ten years ago and recently sold it. I should have taken the signs from my earlier years in life. I was always thinking of things to build and finding problems to solve. I even quit the same job twice in pursuit of entrepreneurial aspirations. Six months after the acquisition, I decided it was time to take a break and, more importantly, get back to the core of what I enjoy doing.

I have recently been pondering what it is that I enjoyed about that phase of my life. My first full-time programming job was at a company building a cross-platform programming language. Our customers were programmers, and it was incredibly fulfilling to empower programmers and make their daily lives better with my work. Many times since then, I have thought back to those years and longed to get back into writing tools for developers.

I've also always had a desire to write games. I think there's a connection between those two desires that deserves to be a part of my mission statement for this new chapter in my life. Whether I'm writing software to help solve problems or writing games for people to enjoy, my focus is on improving other people's lives. At the core, I hope most people want to better other people's lives. However, the goal of most businesses is to grow and increase profits. I'm at a point in my life where I still want to be an entrepreneur, but my goal isn't purely capitalistic this time.

What that means practically is that I've been daydreaming about ways to structure a new business moving forward to truly represent what I always wanted to build with a company: a second family. I've also been thinking of ways the community can participate in a meaningful way too.

For now, my initial focus is going to be on writing a few games. But as in proper Jon fashion, I'm already looking at building a platform to help myself iterate on many games while trying to develop reusable components. I'm currently exploring if I can create a roadmap that will produce most of the systems I would need to create an MMO-esque game I've daydreamed about writing for years. In a perfect world, I could create such a roadmap and build a community on that vision of things to come.

With that, I announce today the name for my next chapter: Khonsu Labs LLC. This company will serve as a vehicle for my passion projects for the foreseeable future.