Guaranteed unique; Or, why dogfooding can be taxing.

The challenges of designing a database engine: how to provide tools for guaranteeing correct data.
- 10 minutes

PliantDb 0.1.0-dev.3 released: Designing a modern, Rust-y way to build apps.

Exploring the vision of PliantDb
- 11 minutes

PlaintDB Serves - another milestone reached

Thoughts upon merging the first version of PliantDb server into main.
- 12 minutes

Introducing PliantDb

Exploring what PliantDb looks like at an early milestone.
- 9 minutes

Back to Blogging

Trying to get back into the habit of regularly writing
- 8 minutes

An update on the plan that was hatching

A reflection of where I'm at currently, my current thoughts, and my new goals
- 6 minutes

Rust todo! macro navigation in Visual Studio Code

Using the extension Todo Tree and customizing the Regex, you can see all the places you use todo! in your workspace
- 2 minutes

My plans are hatching

I welcome in the new year by explaining my current plans
- 4 minutes

A new chapter of my life

A summary of what my next steps in life will be
- 3 minutes